"I want every little girl who's told she's bossy, to be told instead she has leadership skills." -Sheryl Sandberg

"Toon-Up" collabo by Samal McNealy and @SamaxAmen

It's been a long time since I colored someone else's artwork, but when my friend and fellow art hustler Samal McNealy commissioned me to color this portrait he was working on for a client, I just COULDN'T say no...

Two 11x17 Fan Art prints available this week from @SamaxAmen

Just like that, it's February, and there's a lot going on around here, so I'll get right to what I wanted to talk to you about:
I'm offering two limited 11x17 Fan Art prints this week, and as it turns out they both have a lovey dovey pre-Valentine vibe to them, for those of you who are feeling festive or whatever. Both pieces started out as black and white drawings I did back in 2011. This week I decided to color them and offer them as prints in the GhettoManga Store*...

"Kim & Mike: A One Page Love Story" by @SamaxAmen

Got a call from a former co-worker who wanted to hire me to draw a one page comic as a gift for her boyfriend, summarizing their relationship. It was an idea that was way too cute to pass up...

Christmas Card Sale

Be Cool (red)
I got a small supply of Holla Day Cards left. $3.99 and free shipping. While supplies last...

Canceling the teeshirt offer, but I still have other offers available for Holiday shoppers...

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?
Since nobody pre-ordered during the Thanksgiving/ Black Friday/ Small Biz Saturday/ whatever Sunday/ Cyber Monday/ Biggest shopping weekend of the year, I decided to cancel my teeshirt push to focus on other things.

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