30 minute doodle... OH! Did I mention the 30 Minute Sketch Sale is Over?

Here's an abstract piece I did this week as a warm up. 30 Minutes of zoned out drawing. No subject or agenda other than to get my hands and brains on the same page. It didn't even become a girl with an afro this time! At least I don't think it did...

Remember my 30 Minute Sketch Sale? Yeah, that's a rap. I did some pretty neat pieces... The last one was this Cloak and Dagger joint, which I thought came out pretty sweet:

I posted this on GhettoManga (with lots of my typical blah blah) a while back but never got around to posting it here. But yeah, like I said, I quietly closed the doors on the 30 Minute Sketch/Drawing Sale. When I started it, I was expecting it to be a steady source of loot, and it wasn't, really.  I expected to get a lot more work since I offered a lower price, but I didn't find that any more people getting at me for work than I usually do. So there was no real incentive to continue it.

Met a few cool new clients, that I'm looking forward to working with again, but it mostly just took time away from other projects I wanted to pursue. 
I will still be doing 30 Minute Drawings as warm ups. I probably won't be doing any fan art stuff like Spider-Man or Daredevil or whatever. Probably artsy stuff. I may post some here from time to time. 
If you need any custom art from me, I am definitely still taking on new clients, so click here for a list of services I offer, and let me know if you have questions.

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I guess OnPoint InkPhotography​ thought it was okay to steal my drawing of Cupid from Love's Gonna Getcha and use it in a promo for a rapper named Lindo Yes (maybe it's the same person? I don't know).  I submitted a copyright infringement report on Soundcloud, where Lindo was using my drawing as artwork for a song called "Love is a Battlefield."

"Who is Lord Zero?" by @SamaxAmen

Kurt Christenson of Kings County Comics commissioned a drawing of masked arch villain Lord Zero to go with the drawing of his character Thrust that I drew last month.

30 Minute (or so) Drawing- "THRUST" by @SamaxAmen

Kurt Christenson of Kings County Comics recently commissioned me to draw his character Thrust. Okay, so I drew this today while binge watching the 6th season of Adventure Time, so I'm not sure exactly how much drawing time I put into it... but it was something like 45-50 minutes.

New fan art- @EricMengel's OCHO by @SamaxAmen

I'm rarely able to make time to draw fan art for its own sake these days, but when I do, I usually prefer to draw something by an indie creator. This is my drawing of Eric Mengel's creation, Ocho.

Oh yeah! I won a GLYPH Award as part of the team on @133art's ONE NATION: SAFEHOUSE!

So I was delivering a pizza the other day (no, I'm not doing art full-time anymore. I hope you still love me anyways) when I got a text from my man Jamar Nicholas (Detective Boogaloo, FSKG, LEON), who was in attendance at the 2015 Glyph Awards, Where it looks like I won a Glyph as part of the creative team on One Nation: Safehouse!

Late night watercolor and marker doodle on canvas by @SamaxAmen

 So I was all wound up last night, and after looking at some paintings on Facebook I was inspired to do some doodling on canvas. I have a bunch of these 9 x 12 joints laying around, so I wasn't under pressure to make a masterpiece or anything...

Sweetheart Portraits by @SamaxAmen

J x J (Jamila and Joe) by Samax Amen
As I expected, I got a flood of Valentine's Day commissions at the last minute, So I had my head down a lot getting them done. I don't think I have the skills to show just how cute a couple Jamila and Joe Mendez make, so you are just gonna hafta take my word for it. They're adorable. I tried to get it across in this piece... So here's some more I did below...

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Sometimes I write something that makes me look wise or whatever. When I wrote this as a Facebook post this past summer, I was largely encouraging and correcting myself.

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