Fashion Art Network interviews me (@SamaxAmen)

Here's a promo interview I did with the fine folks at Fashion Art Network to promote their gallery exhibit "No Need to be Heroic" that I had a couple pieces in. A nice chance for the internets to hear my voice, instead of just reading what I have to say.

30 Minute Sketch Sale by @SamaxAmen!

Yeah, I'm taking YOUR requests!

Wanna see the interiors @SamaxAmen did for Sivion's album "Group Therapy"?

So when I did the artwork for Sivion's album Group Therapy, I agreed not to share the interior art on the internet for a while so that people who bought the record would get something exclusive. After almost a year on the open market, I think it's okay to show this to you, since we're cool and all...

New art- "Love's Gonna Getcha" by @SamaxAmen (cuz you know I love drawing girls with afros)

I believe it was Pat Benatar who taught us that love is a battle field. Well, you better come prepared...

Character design- "GOLDEN MONGOOSE" by @SamaxAmen

One of my clients has a nephew who plays football, who goes by the nickname The Golden Mongoose, and wanted a mascot for the family to put on their teeshirts for a homecoming game.

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